Thursday, January 26, 2012

If you're a country Aussie, Show it.

Lyrics by me, to the music of LMFAO's Sexy and I know it.

When I cruise on by, yuppies be like, "Eh, why?"
I've pimped my ute, a big 5 poster and a swag in the boot, yo.
This is how I roll, big esky, whip aerials, outta control
I got roof spotlights and a bundy flag
Gunna go to a ball get ya mum in my swag, yeah.

Girl look at my stubbies*
Over my reg grundies
Do you wanna bump uglies?
And drink rum!

Girls getting hysterical,
I'm dancing so sexual,
Shakin' my left testicle,
I love rum!

When I'm driving in circles, nobody can see,
Big clouds of dust swirling all around me,
I got a big V8 and I aint afraid to rev it, rev it, rev it, rev it.

I'm country and I know it.

If you're a country Aussie show it.

Yeah, when I'm down the pines, in low range tryin'a jump a log,
When I'm in the scrub, hit a boggy part gotta lock the hubs,
This is how I roll, bit'a wheel spin nearly lose control,
Head back to the bar and I'm feeling frisky,
No shoes no shirt, that's Kenny Chesney, what?

Girl look at my esky,
It's nice do you agree,
No single malt whiskey,
It's all rum!

I'm getting my dance on,
To my favourite country song,
Bit'a John Williamson,
I love rum!

Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Rum,
Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Rum,
Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Rum,
Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Bundy Rum,
I'm drinking Bundy Rum.
Crack me a Bundy Rum!

I'm Aussie and I know it.

*For the record, by stubbies I mean shorts. I kinda visualise a shot of just a guy's knee to waist area and he'll pull them down between the first two lines, (reg grundies being rhyming slang for underwear) and then pelvic thrust for the third line.

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