Thursday, May 12, 2011


I had no firelighters, but my fire is now well lit. Thanks, WD40.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So vistaprint has single side printed mugs for $3.75 each at the moment. So for the last 4 days I have been going mug crazy.

Yes, yes they are.

Cause it's quite likely that one of my friends actually is.

No joke, this cow has the exact same haircut as the boy we are trying to get to come along with us.

Meagan's Mug.

My mug. You like it.

It might be... we've got lots of mugs...

I'd kinda like to give this one to my dad...

I'mma let you finish, but this is the best coffee cup ever! - Kanye West

Anna's Mug

She's a popular lady, your girlfriend.

I've had 4 people ask me for this and I haven't even pressed the proceed to checkout button.

She does, actually. Though not so much now she has the caravan of love.

If you want one, let me know by Tuesday Night - after that they're back to $18 each.